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Whilst ‘others’ regurgitate the same old marketing stuff, we say BLAH to teaching the outdated and YES to teaching you the true tricks of the trade. We focus on the practical design lessons that will guarantee to make your clients love you for being the greatest Social Media Designer that we can teach you to be!

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The Course Ethos

We Teach You From The Ground Up

Regardless of your skillset — whether you are a current designer or a complete newbie to design, this course has been designed to give you the skills you need in order to practice as a Social Media Designer.

This course is compatible with Desktop, Laptop and Tablet devices.

Serious About Earning An Income As A Social Media Designer?

If you’re serious about earning an income as a Social Media Designer, whether it be designing for your own business, your workplace, or a list of clients, you will need a serious social media design course. Don’t worry, we won’t waste your time with stats, analytics and marketing jargon that can be hard to retain. That’s a TGDS promise!

Introducing Design for Social Media Course

Introducing our new course Design for Social Media. You'll learn how to create custom social media template designs and visual content, that will capture the attention of your audience and drive engagement.

Break It Down For Me

In this course, we don’t speak AT you, we get you involved. At TGDS we believe in learning by doing. You will use a number of ‘real-life’ case studies to apply all of your learning in a practical way. We’ll demonstrate step-by-step how we’ve worked through a real-life case study and take you along for the ride.

We kick off the course by looking at the various business opportunities that lay in waiting for you as a Social Media Designer.

Just like a real designer, you’ll start working with the elements and principles of design. We even teach you how to set up a proper home studio photoshoot, empowering you to take control of both design and execution of custom content for your clients.

You will use one of the case studies (or a business of your choosing) to delve into the practical application of social media marketing by creating a clear social media marketing strategy. You will audit a client’s social media accounts and set SMART goals to develop a target persona and perform a competitor analysis. The best bit is we teach you how to make this work for your clients. You will also create a brand style guide and a client presentation including all of your design work.

We Teach In Canva

If you are a graphic designer, you are likely eye rolling right now, we get it, hear us out… Canva creates accessibility and independence for your clients. Social media, as we all know, encourages you to create an influx of content. The new wave of design is to create independence for your clients when generating content. Canva affords you as the designer, the possibility to create suites of original templates enabling clients to manage their social media design accounts month to month. Coming back to you month in month out!

Who's It For?

Whether you are a newbie to design or a seasoned graphic designer, we start you from scratch in this course.

Seasoned designers will love having the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the elements and principles of design as used in social media. While newcomers to design will be taught how to design from scratch.

Course Outline

Embrace new skills with three extensive and informative modules over three months — completely self-paced to complete approximately 100hrs. Read through the module outlines to see how we get you there:

Module 1 - Professional Social Media



In this module we review the various business opportunities that lay in waiting for you as a Social Media Designer. We jump into the ‘why’s’ of Canva and consider the importance of elements and principles in graphic design and photography.

In Module 1 you will explore the theory and psychology of colour and how it applies to branding. You will also learn how to create accessible colour palettes for implementation across future design projects.

Finally, you will learn the fundamentals of type, how to successfully pair type styles and how to create a type system for your designs.

Module 2 - Clients, Design and Practical Social Media Marketing



In Module 2 we will delve into social media marketing. Here we will learn how to create a successful social media marketing strategy from auditing your client’s social media accounts and setting SMART goals, to developing a target persona and performing a competitor analysis.

You will learn how to write a creative brief with your client, create brand guidelines and identify yours or your client’s unique tone and voice. You will begin to use analytics, review metrics, schedule your client’s content. You will also learn how to identify your client’s best performing content buckets. This module is part of the design process that will give you the confidence to produce incredible content in Module 3.

Module 3 - Creating Incredible Content



In Module 3 you will be styling and conducting your own photoshoot using the process work from the exercises you completed in pre modules.

You will get to know the DSLR camera functions and learn how to make image edits using a range of image editing tools. You will start generating ideas for your final template suite and use your final sketches to help you execute your template designs for a number of popular social media platforms.

You will create a brand kit to help you organise your client’s brand assets, logos and colour palettes. We will teach you the importance and application of using a basic grid system in your designs. You will also learn to use some additional features to create animations within your templates.

In the final exercise you will create a suite of designs, a full client presentation and style guide.

Module 3 also has an option to submit your final assessment for your tutor to review and offer feedback.

Study Anywhere

You can take it anywhere with you and it fits in nicely with the rest of life. I now work as a freelance designer in my hometown of Melbourne.

Highly Recommended

TGDS worked with me and took the time for me to understand the course before signing up. They made me feel like I was in good hands, they even helped me with the important decision of which Mac to buy!

Amazing Support

The best international on-line design school you could ever ask for, especially during the lockdown. The theory is structured very thoughtful, the video tutorials are really helpful, especially if English is not your native language.


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You may enrol any day of the year. Be online and studying within a matter of seconds after enrolling through our enrolments page.

What will I need?


The complete list of the equipment requirements for the Design For Social Media Course available on the Equipment page.

What will this course be assessing?


You can read about what will we will be looking for in your assignments in our Student Handbook.

What are my responsibilities?


The responsibilities outline for students of The Graphic Design School is included in our student handbook here.

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