TGDS Graduate Monique

After 5 years of working in the Beauty and Fashion industries and a 9 month adventure in London, Monique is back in Sydney and working in her dream role as a graphic designer.

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Hey Monique! Tell us a bit about you.

Now I’m back home, engaged and have just finished my course with TGDS.
I’m loud, creative and enjoy spending time with family and friends drinking, eating and travelling. I still love everything to do with the beauty industry and spend way too much money on my skin.

Grown Alchemist - Campaign Design

What or who inspired you to be a designer?

I think I was driven to pursue design after fixing too many bad power point presentations and my drive to further my skills in the design field. Also working for the beauty industry, you are surrounded by beautiful branding, packaging and imagery, so I also think that had a great impact on inspiring me every day.


What are you up to in the design world at the moment?

My role gives me the opportunity to work across a variety of different design activities. From InDesign templates to social media strategy.
It’s challenging at times; however, I have a super supportive (always patient) team behind me.

Institute Magazine - Layout Design

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I have always loved the research process. Sometimes I spend way too much time researching, but that is how I work best. I always seem to create the best ideas after spending hours researching, compiling inspiration and understanding the voice of the brand.

Sweaty Betty - Social Media Design

You were really into all sorts of design disciplines at TGDS, branding, campaigning and even packaging.
Have you a fav?

I enjoyed so many of the disciplines I learnt at TGDS because I always made the subject matter something I was passionate about – beauty. My favourite’s were layout design, package design and branding.

Naran Lingerie - Visual Identity Design

Tell us anything you would like to about your featured works.

My Personal Identity project is me in a nutshell, inspired by traits of my personality – playful, girly, edgy, modern and romantic. I also wanted to incorporate elements of my favourite movie – ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by Baz Lurhmann. The styling of the movie is described as ‘90’s youthful rebellion, with a mix of Gothic Romance’ – I started with my mood board and everything flowed from there.

The Layout Systems Project for fictional ‘Institute Magazine’ was super fun. When I was in London I was inspired by the street style and individuality of teens; there was something bold and carefree in the way they dressed. They aren’t afraid to push boundaries and there was something really refreshing about this. This is where the basis of my design stemmed from.

Skinstitut - Packaging Design

What did you love most about studying design?

So many things! But the most rewarding is seeing how far you have come from the beginning. I also loved seeing projects come to fruition after hours of work! Super rewarding.

Java Love - Brand Identity Design

Java Love - Brand Identity Design

Stay curious, be receptive to feedback and have fun!

Facial Renu - Identity Design

Whats your dream design job?
Don’t hold back!

I would say for now I am working in it! But if I had to pick a dream role it would be art direction for a cool magazine or working in the graphic design team at a beauty brand like Glossier!

NiM - Brand Identity Design

What would you say to someone about to embark on their own journey in design?

Stay curious, be receptive to feedback and have fun!

Monique Patience - Personal Identity Design

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