Hello! My Name is Becks Harrop

Hey Becks! Tell us a bit about you?

I’m a freelance designer from NZ living abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia soaking up the big city chaos and escaping to travel whenever possible! I’m a multi-passionate creative who loves to collaborate with people who enjoy what they do!


A new brand identity for a small bar concept in Auckland City. The aim was to create a vibrant name and identity that had mainstream appeal and flexibility to cater for a quiet afternoon drink through into a late night hangout.

Baxter Coasters

![Baxter Ink Stamp](img/4_Baxter’s/4_Ink Stamp.jpeg “Baxter Ink Stamp”) Baxter 8 matches

Baxter Pattern Design Baxter Red Pattern Baxter Red Wine

Baxter Menu Design

Baxters Beer Bottle Baxters Menu

![Baxters On Concrete](img/4_Baxter’s/11_Concrete logo.jpeg “Baxters On Concrete”)

Baxters Green Pattern Baxter Bar Front Baxter's Concrete Stamp

Cokelat Lab

Package design for 4 new chocolate flavours for an Indonesian chocolate label. Patterns reflect the four Indonesian islands/cities of Sumba, Bali, Jogja and Flores.

Cokelat Page Sketch Layout

![Cokelat Pattern](img/3_Cokelat Lab/10_Pattern.png “Cokelat Pattern”)

![Cokelat Chocolate Wrappers](img/3_Cokelat Lab/3_Chocolate wrappers.jpg “Cokelat Chocolate Wrappers”)

![Cokelat Motifs](img/3_Cokelat Lab/12_Motifs.png “Cokelat Motifs”) ![Cokelate Chocolate Box Package](img/3_Cokelat Lab/6_Chocolate box.png “Cokelate Chocolate Box Package”)

![Cokelate Chocolate Box Package detailed](img/3_Cokelat Lab/4_Chocolate Box.png “Cokelate Chocolate Box Package detailed”)

![Cokelate Chocolates](img/3_Cokelat Lab/7_Chocolate wrappers.jpg “Cokelate Chocolates”)

The Maker Space

The Maker Space is a creative concept that aims to connect with creative university graduates as well as the general public.

Maker Space Posters

Maker Space Stamp Page Maker Space Posters with Skater Girl

Maker Space Menus

Maker Space Logo on Concrete

Maker Space Posters on Wall

![Maker Space Brochure](img/2_Maker Space/5_A3_Brochure.jpg “Maker Space Brochure”)

![Woman in Maker Space Shirt](img/2_Maker Space/12_Tshirt.jpg “Woman in Maker Space Shirt”) Man in Maker Space Shirt


A corporate identity for a new startup boutique grocer and coffee shop chain. A focus on fresh, quality, sustainable and organic goods by supporting local growers and connecting them with today’s busy young professionals.

![Humble Tote Bag](img/1_Humble/9_Tote bag.png “Humble Tote Bag”) Humble Logo Design

Humble Tote Bag alternate

Humble Logo on Shopfront

Humble Stationary Pages

![Humble Business Cards](img/1_Humble/5_Business cards.png “Humble Business Cards”)

Humble Logo Design

Mr Murdoch’s

An existing rooftop bar that required a rebrand. Brand elements consisting of uniforms, menus and posters are all designed in relation to the new interior design fit-out and help create a strong brand identity through the space

Murdoch Pages in Poster Murdoch Menu Designs

Murdoch Posters in page design Mudoch Posters alternate Mockup Murdoch Orange Poster

Man in Murdoch Shirt Back of woman in Murdoch Shirt Back of Man in Murdoch Shirt Man in Murdoch Shirt


A magazine article showcasing the Czech & Slovak Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019.

Magazine Page layout design Magazine Second Page Magazine Third Page Layout Design

Magazine Booklets Magazine Booklets Alternate Page

Magazine Cards Magazine Mockup Pages

Central Collective

A new shared office space concept specialising in one on one consulting and therapy. Dr Stacey Lim of Crossroads Psychology wanted to create a collective space for like minded practitioners in the personal health industry.

Central Collective Identity Mockup

Central Collective Business Cards Central Collective Business Cards Alternate

Who or what inspired you to be a designer?

I always remember thinking at high school why would you study science or math when you can do painting and design. One thing led to the next and Art School is where I fostered my inner designer. I was always inspired by my creative pairs and talented tutors that surrounded me for those 4 crazy years.

What are you up to in the design world at the moment?

Freelancing with a range of interior and branding projects in New Zealand. Since living in Indonesia textile design has been of interest so have developed a range of fabric designs for cushions that are soon to be in a couple of retail stores.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

Early concept phase for sure! I love the awkward tension of not knowing and then fostering a strategic idea to suit the brief. Then obviously all the happy vibes that arrive when you start compiling the presentation for the client.

You were really into all sorts of design disciplines at TGDS, branding, campaigning and even packaging. Have you a fav?

I really connected with branding and environmental design. It’s the conceptual work that goes into branding that I really enjoy. As for environmental design – I come from a spatial design background so it’s always been the lack of boundaries that a space has that appeals – every project seems to keep you creatively challenged by the endless opportunities that design can have within a space.

Tell us anything you would like to about your featured works.

The Maker Space campaign project started as just an idea for the module and now I can’t stop thinking how much I want to start up my own maker space in New Zealand some day☺

What did you love about studying design?

Gaining an appreciation for it. I never realised how much effort goes in to designing a good poster! Learning how to not over design something and being able to critique your own work.

What’s your dream design job? Don’t hold back!

Ooooo a branding consultant for high end hospitality and commercial developments. Collaborating with developers / architects / clients / artists etc. I love the idea of creating the brand concept and then having the freedom to design extra bespoke touch points ie; textiles and artwork for the space.

What would you say to someone about to embark on his or her own journey in design?

It’s challenging but in the friendliest way possible. Creative study gives you a new confidence that I believe you never regret.

Thanks Becks