Your Business Card is Crap! Not quite!

Your business card leaves an impression of You, even when you are not there. A beautiful business card helps you stay in on the radar of the people you are giving it to, a great business card makes you standout. We have came across some beauties, and we would like to share them with you.
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Your Business Card is Crap!

This clip inspired us to make a reactive thread. We laughed so hard at this self professed ‘Rich jerk’. We couldn’t agree with his appellation more. Check it out, see what you think! Below are a few of our fav interactive business cards… that didn’t take 25 years to design!!

“I am Emerson Taymor”

Emerson Taymor is a quirky ‘little’ guy. His business card seems to reflect his overall style, check out his website too.

Impact Salon

“Google Me Card” — Ji Lee

Download a template to make your own!


Can you believe that this is a business card? For who else, but the employees at Lego. They are designed to look like the employee that they represent by matching hair color, style and accessories.

Tur & Partner

Jong von Matt of Germany (also featured in our European Print Article this month) made this awesome business card for Tur & Partner an architectural landscaping company. The card contains seedlings that germinate when you water and expose to light.

Raphael Essoo-Snowdon

He designed and created these awesome 3D glasses when he was a Graphic design student. He painstakingly did all of the cutting and construction by hand.

Raphael Essoo-Snowdon on Flickr

Peet Pienaar

Laser cut business card of South African performance artist/graphic designer Peet Pienaar. From Daddy buy me a Pony magazine.

“I’m using art as an excuse to live a very interesting life - it allows you to be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, go where ever you want to go. It’s like a free ticket.”

Peet Pienaar

Peet Pienaar on Flickr


Lasercut business card of David Sjunnesson of 1scale1: a Critical Research Studio looking into the development of interactive media solutions. This business card really needed to be interactive for a company with that kind of a mission statement.


Scizors is a small post-production company who asked Ben Schlitter to create their identity and branding. Those ambitious enough to cut on the dotted line are rewarded with a small paper robot.


Bracket is a publication that features everything-in-between - ideas, process and voices overlooked and under-appreciated. Nice representation of the company through this simple yet effective idea… genius.

Che-Wei Wang

This design is inspired by Ken Blackburn’s world record paper airplane.

Tip: Fold the business card airplane with the wings tilted downward. It’ll fly like a dart. Nothing like a paper airplane flying around an office of board pencil pushers to get your message ‘out there’.

Murillo Design

A good identity promotes instant retention and long-term recall in an already overcrowded marketplace.

As stated on their website

And what better way to prove your point than practicing what you preach! Hell if they make it big, we might be able to use this business card as currency.

Donovan Mafnas

Business card of our very own lovable tutor and forum technical advisor at The Graphic Design School Donovan Mafnas. Donovan is not only one of the most professional and efficient people that we have ever had the pleasure of working with, he is a ‘kick ass’ designer. Love your work Dino… again!


The boys at Reactor thought they were worth a little extra. This is a great concept for a business card to leave at an interview… sets an ‘up and coming’ designer apart from the hoards of potentials that an employer may seek. Nice one!

The catapult business card

Bryce Bell is a designer with a LOT of time on his hands, and quite a few fans.

You can create one of these yourself, by visiting his site for instructions and instructional videos. You never know when you may need a catapult for an ant invasion… think about it!

Master Promo, Curitiba, Brazil

They designed this card for Couples Therapist Marisa Schmit Silva. Makes you wanna have marital problems just to get your hands on one of these. Thanks to adgoodness for this find.

Make your own interactive Business Cards

Want to learn how to make this cute little guy? You can follow a tutorial and even download the templates at computer arts. You will need InDesign for this one, maybe even Scribus. Be inspired by this template and adapt it to your own style.

American Psycho

Last but not least we would like to leave you with this little clip from the movie American Psycho. Too good!

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