Get Paid to Write for Us

We’re looking for talented individuals to contribute articles to The Graphic Design School Blog. If you’re skilled enough with software to write a beginner tutorial in either Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. We will also look into open source design or utility software for designers.

You can submit your work and we will pay you for each publication.

What Will You Get?

  • US$100 to US$200 for every Accepted Article or Tutorial.

We will support you in exchange for your work

  • Short Bio on every published tutorial for self promotion
  • Link to Website on Every Post Published
  • Link to Twitter, Facebook or other Social Platform on Every Post Published

Submit a Complete Article

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Submit an Article Preview

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Submission Terms & Conditions

We will let you know within seven days if your post has been accepted or declined. If your post is accepted, we will contact you for payment details and personal promotion information.

Submission Instructions & Guidelines

  • All articles must have a connection to Graphic Design, but it’s not limited to tutorials.
  • We do now offer a review form that you can use prior to writing the article. If we like your ideas we will let you know.
  • Your content must be original. We will not accept submissions that are posted elsewhere, or resemble content posted elsewhere.
  • The submission and purchasing of articles and tutorials gives the “Graphic Design School Blog” full copyright to its contents.
  • Only use materials you own, or have permission to use in your submission. Use citation where needed. Check the “What’s the deal on stock images?” section of this page for complete usage policy.
  • The submission should be sent with no grammatical or spelling errors. Images, documents, etc should be archived together in a .zip (or .tar) file.
  • Not all tutorials will be accepted. Please contact us with Article and Tutorial concepts and outlines before writing a tutorial.
  • If your tutorial is accepted, we will contact you for your personal information (Bio, URL, Twitter, etc) and Paypal information. We pay via Paypal. You therefore need to have a Paypal Account.
  • We reserve the right to edit your submission.

Post Format and Style Guidelines

We have just a few simple guidelines that you must adhere to.

  • Required width for the images is 700px (good resolution) in width, no limits for the height (be reasonable). The images should be You may include a larger size if you need to.
  • Be sure to attach the larger images instead of using external links.
  • If you choose to use Videos in your submission, please send the video with your post so we may upload it ourselves. Our audience are beginners, so you will need to explain verbally and via images/screenshots how to do some of the more simpler actions.

What’s the deal on stock images?

If your tutorial requires stock images you will need to follow certain rules in order to protect yourself and this site from copyright infringement. The following is a guide to follow on what images you may and may not use when submitting a tutorial or article:

  1. Creative Commons License (CC): These are the best images to use. Images and graphics from sites such as Flickr or Deviant Art must have a Creative Commons License for Commercial Use. In this case you must provide in the tutorial a link back attributing the author/owner of the sources. Note that Flickr provides an advanced search facility to locate Creative Commons Images
  2. If you find an image or a graphic on those sites that you would like to use, that does NOT have a CC license you must obtain permission from the owner to use and distribute their property. We need to see all communications of this nature to ascertain that it does not infringe copyright laws. If you do a search on the net for CC stock you will find more than you need.
  3. Royalty-Free stocks: These images are royalty free for your personal and commercial use only. This means that you may use them in a tutorial or Article. However we cannot make this image available for bloggers to download. In the instance that you wish to use a Royalty free images you may do so, provided that you can provide the direct link (to the image on the stock site) for others to download the image in order to complete the tutorial for their personal use. When using images from and make sure you check the agreement for use in files for distribution.
  4. Watermarked images: Generally watermark images are used in compiling a work. Once you have completed a work and the image suits, you then purchase the image. We do not accept watermarked images. You may purchase an image and provide the direct link (to the image on the stock site) for others to download the comp image in order to complete the tutorial for their personal use. They will then have the option to purchase the image if they wish to use it for the purpose of their portfolio etc.
  5. Distribution rights: If you have distribution rights to an image, this means that we have the right to let others download the image from the Graphic Design School Blog for use. It is uncommon for stock sites to allow full distribution rights, unless you have purchased the image outright. So double and triple check if you are sending us an image that you think we can distribute. Better to be safe than sorry. Unlike many other tutorial sites we do not expect you to provide distribution rights with every image that you use. So long as others may obtain easy / free and lawful access to the images that you have used.
  6. Images from search engines or pulled from a website are not acceptable.
  7. Using photos and graphics that you have taken or done yourself is a great way to avoid any copyright issues.
  8. Links to the source of any images you have used in your tutorial must be provided so that we may check that your files have the correct licenses. Please always Credit your Sources, its a part of protecting and respecting your community of artists.

Plagiarising is unacceptable. If we find that you have submitted an article or tutorial that does not have the right licensing or has been plagiarized in some manner, you will forfeit any right to payment and publication. Be original!

Please understand that not all tutorials and articles will be accepted. We only accept tutorials that match the blog’s standards of both writing, content, and target audience.

Tutorial Acceptance and Payment

  • Please note, not all tutorials will be accepted. We only accept tutorials that match the site’s standards of both writing and tutorial content.
  • If your tutorial is accepted, payment of US$75 will be made within the first two weeks following the first month of publication.
  • If we estimate that the content you provided is rich enough to be spread across several posts, we will pay you up to US$120, at our sole discretion.
  • Please note that if we gain evidence in this time that the tutorial or source images used in the tutorial have been plagiarized we will take the tutorial off the site and payment will not be made.

We support Students

The Graphic Design School supports students, in fact we love ‘em. So if you’re a student please don’t be afraid to write an article or submit a tutorial. Its a great way for other students to get the ‘student perspective’… not to mention an awesome addition on your resume and portfolio. So give it a whirl!