When times are tough, graphic designers get tactile

As always its up to the graphic designer to keep the economy running when times are tough... Really! Graphic Design makes the modern world go around, and the medicine go down!
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Graphic Designers are the men and women who’s ideas bridge the gap of communication between industry and man. We are therefore partly responsible for economic stimulation.

The Graphic Design School has been noticing the creative ways that designers have been pushing the boundaries beyond the flat print form and ‘reaching out’ to appeal to our SENSES. Below are a few creative designs that verge on engineering.


Chanel’s new sample card is simple yet different enough to have you smelling and admiring its sculptural form… We wish all brands would spend as much on advertising and branding as Chanel.

Russian Standard Vodka

Smell-o-vision it is not… its lick-o-newspaper. What a great way to kick start the ride to work on the train. Reportedly an April fools day joke… Those crazy Russians!


"A lot of people won’t lick a magazine no matter how good it tastes"says Chris Heye, Welch’s marketing chief. But a lot of people will talk about it. Released last year in People magazine. This ad may have given Welch exactly the market boost it was needing.

Arcor Bubble gum

Leo Burnett in Sao Paulo created this clever ad for Arcor bubble gum.


The controversially named makeup line Addict, has been under fire from Addiction support groups, for insensitive appellation. Well as we all know the fashion world loves a scandal, and Dior Addict is on the advertising rampage now more than ever! This simple and elegant envelope style page opens out to invite your personal consultation at the Dior counter… Sell,sell,sell.

Headline Review

What worn out housewife could resist the allure of a bath, a romance novel and a free lift out that tells the kids to take a hike. Say no more… target audience… HIT!


“Bada Bing!” Sopranos magazine insert used to promote the latest season.

Fruits of the Loom

Undies so fresh they smell like flowers?


Creating a tactile look and feel to a fabric softener, this 3D ad takes the cake.

3 Musketeers

A pop up chocolate sample, extra tactile! Yumm.

Giorgio Armani Onde perfume

For the release of the Onde series of perfumes, Armani let us sample all three in a 6 page spread of the May issue of Harpers Bazaar.

Oil Of Olay

Clever use of specially designed light catching textured paper, help demonstrate that Oil of Olay has glamour and shine, without the price tag. Nice.


Absolut is taking tactile to places where everybody dreams of going…

In An Absolut World, Currency will be replaced with acts of kindness


Lastly, have you heard of Visionaire magazine? Visionaire is a multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive numbered limited editions. Published three times a year, each Visionaire features a different theme.

Issue number 55 is called “Suprise”, engineered by Bruce Foster it utilizes complex 3D environments with classic pop-up techniques. The Visionaire 55 is a showcase of impressive pop-ups by Sophie Calle, Nicola Formichetti with Gareth Pugh, Cai Guo-Quiang, Andreas Gursky, Steven Klein, Yayoi Kusama, Alasdair McLellan, Steven Meisel, Guido Mocafico, Solve Sundsbo and Mario Testino.

Visionaire 55 Surprise

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