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Interview with Veerle Pieters

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash
[Learn how to create your own organic shapes in this tutorial.]( ### We are a blog for beginners and graphic design students. Can you share with us the most enjoyable moment, subject or lesson that you had while studying? To be honest I have no idea since it is like 20 years ago. The only thing I vaguely remember is a bookbinding lesson that we had to craft a book from scratch with headband, bookmark... and everything. ### How did that moment, subject or lesson shape what you do now? Eye for details. ### Describe your style of graphic design in a few words. What kind of advice would you give students who wish to excel in this style? Illustrative with a strong preference towards colors. The best advice is to be passionate about what you do and keep on trying after failure. ![paris_girl.jpg](./img/paris-girl1.jpg) [Learn how to create the font used in this poster.]( ### Why did yourself and Geert Leyseele (partner and one would assume the 'brain' in the self professed 'beauty & brain' duo) decide to open up your own Graphic Design studio as opposed to working for a larger firm, or independently? We had a few opportunities over the years to sell our business and become part of a larger group. We both are not interested in becoming a manager and direct other people. That would break the creative part that we love so much. ### Do you use hand drawn techniques to help you develop a design. How important is this in your process as a Graphic designer? Yes I still use a pencil and paper from time to time. It depends on what type of project I have going on. Most sketching is done for icons and logos and also wire framing for websites on occasions. It definitely is a bonus if you can draw your thoughts. [![V but not me](//]( "V but not me by Veerle Pieters, on Flickr") ![V-but-not-me-2.jpg](./img/v-but-not-me-2.jpg) [Learn how to create your spirals in this tutorial.]( ### Do you keep an ideas journal? If so can we have a sneaky peek? Yeah I do and you can see some on my art section on my blog and also in the blog, ["Illustration for Espresso Application Startscreen"]( [![Moleskine doodles & sketches](]( "Moleskine doodles & sketches by Veerle Pieters, on Flickr") [![Doodles for Espresso](]( "Doodles for Espresso by Veerle Pieters, on Flickr") [![Espresso illustration, final](]( "Espresso illustration, final by Veerle Pieters, on Flickr") ### Do you have a special method for brainstorming, i.e mind mapping etc? No, not really. {{![scroll-doodles.jpg](./img/scroll-doodles1.jpg) ![scroll-logo.jpg](./img/scroll-logo.jpg) ![scroll-logo2.jpg](./img/scroll-logo2.jpg) ![scroll-covers.jpg](./img/scroll-covers.jpg) ### We have noticed on your website that you are very open about sharing your process as a designer. Why is it important to you to communicate this side of your work with your visitors? Because we believe it show valuable information towards students. We don't believe in not sharing what we know. ### What are your favorite websites at the moment? []( []( ### Who are your 5 all time favorite graphic designers? ![scott hansen.jpg](./img/scott-hansen1.jpg) [Scott Hansen]( ![jameswhite.jpg](./img/jameswhite1.jpg) [James White]( ![Jacob Souva.jpg](./img/jacob-souva1.jpg) [Jacob Souva]( ![robertlindstrom.jpg](./img/robertlindstrom1.jpg) [Robert Lindström]( ![Oksana Grivina.jpg](./img/oksana-grivina1.jpg) [Oksana Grivina]( ### What typefaces do you use the most in your designs? Mostly Sans Serif ones. ![sans serif fonts.jpg](./img/sans-serif-fonts.jpg) ### What about your job do you find the most rewarding? To see a client happy with a design that we created. ### A moment to brag... who are the most prestigious clients that you have worked with? Netvibes, Google, Library of Congress, Ernst & Young, Coca Cola... [![Abstract, my Woothemes design (homepage)](]( "Abstract, my Woothemes design (homepage) by Veerle Pieters, on Flickr") ![tyze-logo.jpg](./img/tyze-logo.jpg) ### Where do you see your career and your studio in five years? I am where I want to be meaning earning a good living and loving what I do. ![illugirl_part3.jpg](./img/illugirl-part3.jpg) [See how Veerle went from illustration to vector in this tutorial]( ### What advice would you give to graphic design students around the world. About shaping a great portfolio? Let your work have the spotlight. ![duoh-web.jpg](./img/duoh-web.jpg) ### One last question, that is on everbody's mind... Billy Elliot feels on fire when he dances... how do you feel when you are designing? On cloud nine, not in this *real* world. Cheers, **Veerle** ### Find more about Veerle [Duoh Website]( [Veerle's Blog]( [Veerle's photostream on Flickr]( -->