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European Websites

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

e have to say there is not a more daunting task than choosing a handful of European talents. We stumbled upon some true creatives on our scour of the internet. Every website although not all typically Graphic Design websites have a distinct communication that we wanted to share with the graphic design student community. Please offer your suggestions for next months sites.


Portfolio site of Anders Bergh photographer Andes from Copenhagen, has one of the most incredible photographic portfolio sites that we have ever seen. Its no secret that The Graphic Design School tutors and staff are photography fans. Lets face it the right photograph can make an ordinary graphic design composition look great. We fell in love with Andes and his work at first sight. Not only only is his eye sharp, his aesthetic is clean, his understanding of light manipulation leaves us in awe. This is what Anders has to say about his process as a photographer/designer:

For me, the creative process is a journey from an inspired idea to the creation of raw picture material to detailed refining work in post production.

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Portfolio site of Matthieu Bessudo French Born Matthieu now residing in London, has a kick arse site, reel and imagination.

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Portfolio site of Matthias Staeheli "Life is a pixel" is the motto of this Swiss Graphic Designer, in keeping with the motto a fuzzy orange pixel guides you though the site. Matthias is a design student living in Berlin. His fun site will have you exploring and playing with his fuzzy little pixel!!!

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Mon Monde

Portfolio site of Guillaume Dupuy Specialist in full flash sites, harmony and ease of browsing experience. The beautiful melange of graphic design, animation and sound development make Frenchman Guillaumes Dupuy a multi talented Graphic Designer to be reckoned with.

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Vis Tek

Vis Tek Graphic Design Studio are based in Barcelona. Vis Tek specialize in branding, web design and advertising design. Their work reflects a harmony between hand illustration and digital creation. A delight.

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Portfolio site of Thibaud Thibaud (last name unknown) is a freelance CJ artist living in Belgium. His fully interactive site using pantone swatches as his inspiration to share his talents.

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Out of Goren

Personal portfolio site oF Anna Mentze German Art Director Anna's combination of drawing, computer graphics and amazing layout designs make for a very impressive all round graphic design portfolio.

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Tribal DDB

Design agency Tribal DDB with 37 world locations TDDB has made its mark. Their website contains stunning graphics, awesome navigation, and a portfolio that would take an average human 5 weeks to sift through. This award winning design agency is a must see for any graphic design student.

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Magicsocket An Italian agency based in the creative Italian city of Torino. Magicsocket specialises in Flash technology, and boy do they do it well. Prestigious clients such as D&G, Bisazza, Fiat and Haagen Dazs. Play with their interactive car track while visiting their site... and see how they made it. We stacked on EVERY corner!

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Bionic Systems

Bionic Systems Studio based in Dusseldorf this talented team give us a glimpse of all aspects of graphic design in their inspiring portfolio site. From package and catalogue design to website design.

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