Hello! My Name is Lynsay Campbell

The Graphic Design course is a fantastic resource for anyone who has an interest in forging a career in visual communication, or simply has a casual interest in the subject.

The best part is, you can do this course at your own pace - There’s no deadlines and no need to stop full time work.

Once you get started, you quickly become aware how simple the forum is to follow, you are taken through each module step by step and if you find yourself confused or stuck at any point, the staff are just a click away and more than happy to help you back on track.

This course is the Ideal springboard to launch a more fulfilling career for any budding designer and I can’t recommend it enough.

Some of my work

Personal Identity - Module 11

lc logo 1

lc logo 2

lc logos 3

lc card 1 lc card 2

Magazine Layout - Module 9

lc jarvis 1 lc jarvis 2