The Graphic Design School is the first solely online graphic design school, est. 2008. We teach a range of design courses for different levels, all online, all selft-paced.

After launching our very successful graphic design forum in our student secure area, The Graphic Design School staff were all so thrilled by the level of exchange, communication and championing that occurred between students.

We originally created the forum as way for tutors to communicate with students, we never expected to create the community that has evolved. It has become one of the most rewarding aspects of the school.

However, many students expressed a desire to be able to socialise and exchange beyond topics concerning the online course. The school thought long and hard about finding a way to extend the forum into a public arena, and create a community that is aimed only at the student, their needs, issues and ideas. We knew a blog would be a BIG job… and it is. But we cant help ourselves, we have the community bug!

We know in our hearts that we have started something that will take a life of its own, and become an amalgamation of student contributions and ideas.

We would love to hear from students/tutors and designers and receive contributions in terms of tutorials, articles and ideas that you believe your student community may benefit from. If you have an idea or an inspiration for any of the above send us an outline.

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We support students! In fact we love ‘em.

Rock On!

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